Jill Brady, a full-time mother of four, is a former commercial business banker and analyst with a B.A. in economics who parlayed her skill with numbers and organization into her family’s fiscal planning. Her econ background serves her well as she creates budgets for her household (albeit, she doesn’t always stick to them). And her experience in performing cost/benefit analysis serves her well in determining how much effort to put into various aspects of raising her children (she’s opted for a laissez-faire approach there too).


Amelia Lyon is a wife, mother, photographer and health and wellness advocate. Her Southern California roots include a long line of entrepreneurs, going back to the days of the old Hollywood film studios. From a young age, she has worked in the family catering business, as a nanny, dance instructor and singing coach. In 2004, she launched the award-winning Amelia Lyon Photography which would go on to win awards, as she taught workshops and spoke at conferences.