Make Yourself...A Capitalist Without Any Capital


Want to start a business, but don’t have the capital? Well then you’re gonna want to tune into this week’s episode! Nathan Latka, serial entrepreneur and podcast host, shares his knowledge and tells you how his latest book—How to be a Capitalist Without Any Capital—will help you do just that. Did we mention that he is 29 and retired? This is one episode you won’t want to miss! And be sure to pick up a copy of his book, so you can start building your dream business today.

If the average person is broke, you have to go against the average. Which means people are going to disagree with you most of the time. If they don’t, you’re doing what they are doing.
— Nathan Latka

About Nathan

Nathan may be identified as host of The Top Entrepreneurs Podcast, Manager of Software Private Equity Firm Latka Capital, and author of the instant Wall Street Journal bestseller HOW TO BE A CAPITALIST WITHOUT ANY CAPITAL: The Four Rules You Must Break to Get Rich.** 

Nathan Latka is the principal of Latka Capital; executive producer and host of “The Top Entrepreneurs” podcast; and CEO at two companies he's recently purchased. He is also the star of the hit Facebook Watch show “Latka's Money” (more than one million viewers tune in every episode) and a linear show currently in development. He is the founder of the software company Heyo. How to be A Capitalist Without Any Capital is his first book.



  • How to start a business without having a high income. 

  • How to leverage your business to make negotiations. 

  • How to batch your time to get the most out of your day. 

  • How Nathan’s book will really open your eyes to seeing business in a new way.


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