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This week we welcome Dan Ralphs, founder of Dream Leadership Consulting. Dan brings years of study, as well as tried and true experience as a corporate dream coach to his leadership approach. Dan maintains that by encouraging dreaming, and supporting people in the pursuit of their dreams—deepens trust, promotes engagement, and improves productivity. Dan encourages entrepreneurs to make dreaming an integral part in their businesses and personal lives. Tune in to hear how your dreams can strengthen your business!



Dan is one of the world's foremost experts on unlocking the power of dreaming. He has an amazing ability to help people discover their own dreams and learn how to go after them. His realistic approach to dreaming recognizes that dreaming is not a ‘magic pill’ but rather a new way of thinking about our ability to create.

Dan is the Founder of Dream Leadership Consulting a company devoted to helping companies and individuals leverage the power of dreaming. Before that he was the Dream Manager of Infusionsoft (a small software company in Chandler, AZ), where he helps its employees to identify, articulate and accomplish their dreams. He also is the creator of the Dream Leadership Certification course, in which, he has supported over 100 leaders from all over the world to become Dream Managers to those they lead.

Together they have helped their people accomplish dreams like buying a first home, riding elephants in Thailand and starting a foundation to help mothers facing infant loss. Between Dan and the dream managers he has certified there are thousands who have been awakened to their dreams and their ability to achieve them..

The number one reason we do not pursue our dreams is because we are scared.
— Dan Ralphs


At the end of the day, we are only as good as an organization as our employees.
— Dan Ralphs
  • The importance of helping your employees pursue their dreams. 

  • Investing in your employees is only a benefit for you and your company. Striving for a culture that allows your to push each other to grow will increase results. 

  • Pursuing your own dreams leads to more productivity for your business and personal life.


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