Make Yourself...A Six Figure Writer


This week, we welcome Brianna Wiest—an accomplished writer who proves the notion of a starving artist is just a myth, and that persistence and consistency can turn a creative endeavor into a financially lucrative business. She shares a variety of ways to have your work viewed by the right people to have your stories shared in various publications. Brianna also chats with us about the victim mindset and what one needs to do to overcome the obstacle of feeling like the world is against you.

You need to have a plan, because riding on your impulse of emotion is really dangerous advice. This is not to be confused with the idea that you shouldn’t pursue something that truly makes you feel content everyday, because you absolutely should. You just shouldn’t ruin your life in the process.
— Brianna Wiest


Brianna is an author and editor who has published thousands of articles that have been read by millions of people throughout the world. She is a regular contributor to a variety of national publications and am the author of four books. She has traveled internationally as a reporter, and have worked as a copywriter for various Fortune 500 companies and non-profit mental health organizations, specifically focusing on mental health and wellness issues for young adults. Brianna writes mostly about emotional intelligence, well-being and self-empowerment, though she also does poetry, news and local lifestyle.

Your life is a reflection of you. You are a common denominator in all things in your life.
— Brianna Wiest


  • How to see yourself as a business and be creative at the same time.

  • How to have your articles and stories published in various publications with consistent pitching.

  • How to eliminate the victim mindset.

  • Leaving your job with a back-up plan in mind.






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