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GET READY! This week, Megan Elliott—one of Atlanta’s top ten bloggers—joins the show to discuss her journey and what it takes to become a successful blogger.


About Megan

Megan Elliot is the creator and blogger behind A travel addict and fashion obsessed influencer, Megan is always working to keep her audience engaged by depicting her passions and showing her audience her true story.

Starting her blog in 2012 as a simple hobby, Megan landed her first job out of college because of the look and feel of her blog. Her creativity is what her employer was looking for, but after some months, Megan knew the corporate world was not for her. After leaving her corporate job, she began receiving endorsements and seeing a profit. At the peak of influencer marketing, Megan’s success began to sky-rocket and began to see the endless opportunities coming from this new world.  

Fast forward six years later, Megan has been able to have the creative freedom to manage her blog and let her audience glimpse into her life and the success she has seen. This career move has allowed her to open up several side businesses, one including a consulting firm to help others follow their blogging passions called Adorn Media Group.

Start producing content and don’t give up.
— Megan Elliot

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  • Taking a step in the right direction when beginning a blog.

  • What it takes to get your blog going.

  • The different skills needed to make your blog successful.


It is super important to understand what you are offering and not letting your content be all over the page.
— Megan Elliot



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