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Born into a family of wine entrepreneurs, Marisa Sergi knew it was a legacy she wanted to carry on. Attending Cornell and majoring in Enology and Viticulture, she used her experience from her family to make wine for her capstone project. Fast forward eight years later, RedHead wine is growing each year landing in major stores on the East Coast. This episode highlights Marisa’s achievements, despite the personal challenges she faced growing up.


about marisa

Founder and creator of RedHead Wine, Marisa Sergi, took to her roots and followed her grandparents footsteps in becoming a winemaker. In 1953, Marisa’s grandparents immigrated to America with a suitcase and a dream. Marisa’s fascination with winemaking started at an early age and crushed her first grape clusters with her grandfather. Her love for winemaking blossomed in the fifth grade. As a part of her capstone project at Cornell University, Marisa created RedHead Wine with the goal of establishing a new and exciting brand in the market. Using her flaming red hair and love for hot wings, she became the CEO & Founder of RedHead Brands at 23.

As long as you are confident and believe in yourself, you are going to do really well.
— Marisa Sergi

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  • How to overcome life’s downfalls and using them to  create something amazing.

  • Steps into bringing an edible product into the market.

  • Being confident and using it as your motivation to take your business to the next level.

  • Sharing resources with other entrepreneurs to get ahead.

The answer is always no if you do not ask.
— Marisa Sergi
You need to have microspeed while having macro-patience.
— Marisa Sergi