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City of Corona Treasurer and Founder of Pacific Capital, Chad Willardson, joins the show to discuss what to look for when searching for a financial advisor. Sharing various tools and resources, Chad’s mission shows us the importance of value one should place on their client to make your business stand out from the rest.


About Chad

Chad Willardson began his career as a financial advisor working in the top wealth management division for Merrill Lynch. Building his nine year career and learning the ins and outs of the financial advisor world, he realized there was more he could offer by providing the best solutions for his clients. Leaving this big time gig, Chad had experienced some difficult moments when it came to establishing his business. Proper ethics do not include taking previous clients from a corporation one worked in before; therefore, leaving him with no other option than to start from the beginning.

Offering his clients products and services that actually work for them, is how his business runs. The client comes first, not the product. Analyzing their needs rather than pushing unnecessary items on them, is what drove Chad’s previous clients to look for him. Pacific Capital has been a huge success and Chad is using his business to actually helping others with his great team. Did we mention that Chad also ran for Corona City Treasurer back in 2016? With an intense year in politics, Chad took it amongst himself to use his skills and fully hone them in to help out an entire city. The City of Corona’s population is at 168,000 people and continues to rise each year. Winning the election, Chad donates his time to the city and manages over $300 million dollars.

Being smart financially is like eating your vegetables
— Chad Willardson

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  • When to start looking for a financial advisor

  • What to look for when seeking a financial advisor

  • Tips on savings for your business

You need to have a plan of how much money are you bringing in and how much are you spending.
— Chad Willardson

Additional Info

Chad will be releasing his first book at the end of 2019. His book shares on how entrepreneurs can overcome the top seven obstacles to financial freedom! Stay tuned for more details.


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