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Being a self-starter and one to constantly educate herself, Kaitlyn Hoever—a successful Independent Fashion Retailer for LuLaRoe—joins us to talk about her incredible journey in becoming an entrepreneur. She highlights the importance in taking matters into your own hands to achieve the goals you desire.


About Kaitlyn

At 33 Years Old, Kaitlyn Hoever has had many different careers that she feels all play a huge role with her success in LuLaRoe. The NJ native started her career in NYC for music TV station FUSE in marketing, then moved to Public Relations powerhouse BWR working in their fashion and beauty sector. She then continued her dreams of being a Publicist working for Susan Blonde, Inc. in Fashion and Music publicity. In this time, Kaitlyn was able to attend multiple NYFW runway events, meet designers and fall in love with the Fashion industry.

As life changed, Kaitlyn decided to move on to the corporate side of PR with a local NJ Skin Care company, Chamonix. At 25, she was asked to move from publicity of the brand to become a project manager for a new business of opening call centers. At this time, Kaitlyn had no knowledge of sales, call centers, telephone systems or even running a company... but she had to learn, quick. After 8 years, 3 call centers, hundreds of employees and millions of dollars in revenue under her belt - Kaitlyn found herself with a new passion, LuLaRoe.

Her passion for Fashion + her learned skill of running a sales company met in one place, that she could also call her own. After being diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue & Hashimotos, Kaitlyn did something that shocked everyone... she quit the job she had so loved, left the company she had built by figuring it out... and she took a chance on herself and "selling leggings".  Since then, that "leggings" business as grown into a full online shop with thousands of customers all over the world, a large Instagram influencing presence, her health improved, and her overall happiness increased. She's even become a part time resident of Nashville, TN - just because she can! She does all this while helping other women achieve their dreams, using LuLaRoe OR any other company of their choice as a vehicle. She believes in the power of dreaming & the only thing that stands between you and those dreams is the belief that you can achieve them!

When I just decided to be happy and do what I love, everything fell into place
— Kaityln Hoever

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  • The importance of educating yourself to get ahead

  • How to deal through a situation when you fear that you will not succeed

  • Finding solutions for yourself



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