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Metro Public Relations CEO, Tess Finkle, joins the show to share her incredible journey from starting at ground zero without clients or entertainment industry connections, to making her agency into the award winning establishment it is today. Tess explains how operating in a partnership is the key to her success, as well as when it’s an appropriate time to seek PR. 



When you know who your audience is, is when you are ready for PR.
— Tess Finkle

About Tess

Tess Finkle is the founder of Metro, a full service entertainment agency that handles the digital business and public awareness for Disney, Universal, Kevin Hart’s comedy network, NowThisNews, The Shade Room,World of Wonder/RuPaul’s Dragcon, VidCon, Beautycon, CatCon, etc. She also handles the overall brand strategy for top talent, including Comedian Amanda Seales,  Colleen Ballinger/’Miranda Sings’ and Patrick Starrr, David Dobrik and more.

Tess, 34 years-old, is a prep school graduate and college-dropout who started her business at the age of 21 with no clients, investments or family/personal connections to the entertainment industry. She is self-made and passionate about entrepreneurism and problem-solving. She is equally as committed to her clients as she is her company’s culture - sending her staff to BoraBora, Iceland, Justin Bieber front-row, etc, for a job well-done. She started a company to create a highly-collaborative, productive and playful work environment that she couldn’t find within entertainment at the time of Metro’s inception.



  • Why it’s best to operate in a partnership.

  • Fake it until you become it! Get yourself to where you want to be by getting passed your roadblocks.

  • The importance of treating employees with respect and loyalty to see incredible results from your team.  

  • When it is an appropriate time to seek PR for your business.


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