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Make Yourself...Meaningful (WGSN) - The WGSN gals shared so much about the world of retail and how trend forecasting works in every aspect of how to market your business. They teach on the importance of businesses taking notice of what is happening around them to make educated decisions for their business.

ABOUT Cynthia


With over 15 years of industry experience, Cynthia is a senior member of the WGSN commercial team, based in Los Angeles, CA. Working as a strategic accent director, Cynthia creates and nurtures meaningful partnerships across the top Fortune 500 brands in North America. Cynthia collaborates with senior industry leaders to identify areas of opportunity and actionable insights that are unique to their brands and are set to impact the industry.

If you have a fixed mindset, the ability to grow into that growth mindset is very key in continuing what you are already doing

ABOUT Andrea

Part trend-forecaster, part-futurist, Andrea  Bell is a seasoned strategist with an in-depth  knowledge of the consumer marketplace and mindset. Andrea’s consumer expertise drives  WGSN’s consumer advisory projects where she work closely with clients (ranging from CPG to Fashion) to create consumer  roadmaps, personas, generational points-of- entry, and communication plans that result in sales ROI and social ROI. Andrea is also a part  of the WGSN Vision team which creates the seasonal forecasts and researches and writes the Future Consumer forecast for WGSN.

Andrea is an international speaker (Cannes  Lion, MoMA, C-Suite Executive Summit, Fast Company, NRF, Fashion Rio) and her opinion  on the future consumer and macro trends has been quoted in numerous publications including: The Associated Press, Forbes, Wall  Street Journal, and Business of Fashion. She was recently named PPA’s 2018 Business Writer of the Year.


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  • The importance of identifying demographics of your target audience.

  • Understanding how to use trends and implementing them within your business appropriately.

  • Different Generations and their spending power.

Episode Extras — Fashion & Color Trends with WGSN 

  • 7 minutes of deep dive of upcoming trends.

"It’s not truly what the product looks like, it’s how it feels. How will it make you feel? How does it translate?”

— Andrea



Jill Brady and Amelia Lyon talk with Andrea Bell and Cynthia Dipierro from WGSN about the various ways to implement upcoming trends and using them to forecast business strategies. Being a part of the largest trend forecasting company in the world, these two lovely gals share not only the importance of understanding trends, but truly understanding the demographics that come with your consumer.


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