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This week, Nicole Grinnell and Liz Goddard from CC: My Admin, LLC tell us about their journey of leaving their corporate jobs to start an operational support business. CC: My Admin, LLC supports entrepreneurs and businesses alike, by providing top virtual assistants. In this day and age, Nicole and Liz share why having a virtual assistant is the way to go. 

Communication is key to any relationship and we want to see that growing.
— Nicole Grinnell & Liz Goddard

About Nicole

Nicole Grinnell: The daughter of a small business owner, Nicole Grinnell grew up knowing the value of hard work and was put to work early. At the age of 11 she became the receptionist for her father's business and learned early there are no bullet point job descriptions for small businesses, you just get it done. Nicole soon ventured into Corporate America as an Executive Assistant, she excelled with her small business background and work ethic. Knowing time was money, she prided herself on being proactive and anticipating needs. During the 15 years in the corporate world, Nicole was continually asked for assistance from business owners that needed help. Overwhelmed with the tasks that businesses need to survive, they were no longer able to thrive.

Taking her passion for organization, assisting and efficiency she set out to start Cc: My Admin and provide the solution to the problem.Thinking of her father who was forced to juggle it all, she now finds joy in providing the relief small business owners need allowing them to grow, be profitable and enjoy their passion!

About Liz

Liz Goddard: The daughter of a serial entrepreneur, Liz Goddard grew up understanding the needs and demands of a small business owner. Whether it was walking the floor of one of their restaurants, working in the headquarters of their retail/wholesale business or traveling all over the country to meet with vendors. After her father passed she and her brother inherited their father’s business and sat on the board of directors for four years. After moving on from that business Liz decided she wanted to grow her career in Corporate America.

She took on the role as Director of Human Resources for one of the fastest growing businesses in Atlanta. It was there she learned the human capital needs and true cost of an employee to businesses. She experienced first-hand the unique needs a business owner is tasked with and set out to solve the small business owner’s dilemma – You can’t grow your business without employees but you are unable to afford employees without growth. She partnered with Nicole Grinnell to provide a solution to that dilemma through the Cc: My Admin.



  • When is an appropriate time to hire a virtual assistant. 

  • Types of services virtual assistants offer. 

  • Understanding how a virtual assistant may be the best option, rather than hiring in-house.

We really try to break the mold of how it looks to work with people and have clients.
— Nicole Grinnell & Liz Goddard

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