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Wanting that designer bag, but just know you probably shouldn’t spend the money on it? CEO and Founder of Join Reel, Daniela Corrente, has a solution for your spending habits. Daniela joins the show and shares on how her company allows you to save your money and make the purchases you are wanting to make. Her company helps you to put money aside and make your dreams come true without getting yourself into crazy credit card debt. In addition, she shares her journey as an immigrant coming to the states and breaking all obstacles by becoming a successful entrepreneur.



If you decide to do this, be proud of the fact that you are living the life you wanted to live.
— Daniela Corrente


Lover of life and driven by innovation. I’m particularly passionate about bringing to life a debt free solution that will help people achieve their goals. As the CEO of Reelit I spend my day making sure there is a clear path to success, or strategizing on the best approach to achieve our goals. As a founder I’m driven by curiosity, and bringing innovation to push aside the current shopping standards and create a solution that will have a positive impact on society.



  • Take that risk and create the company you want to create. 

  • How seeking advice or a business coach can really help you set the bar higher for yourself. 

  • Immersing yourself in your business and remembering that not all billionaires became overnight successes.


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