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On this week’s episode, we are so happy to be interviewing founder and CEO Rachel Nilsson, from the popular kids clothing line, Rags. Like many entrepreneurs, Rachel’s business started out of necessity, but she has since created an amazing company by focusing on manageable and sustainable growth. Rachel shares valuable takeaways you can add to your business, so tune in and get your notebooks ready!

Really become obsessed with who your customer is and give them a voice and allow them to be seen.

About Rachel

Creator and CEO of Rags @rags_to_raches, Rachel Nilsson is living proof of success. Rachel went from selling her kids’ clothes on Instagram when her family was in debt, to having a multi-million dollar company. The mom of 3 boys re-invented the romper, no more buttons or snaps, just an easy limited edition one-piece outfit for kids to slip on and off with a patent-pending neckline. Rachel pitched her company on ABC's Shark Tank last year which sparked multiple sharks wanting to invest. Rags has been highlighted in Forbes, Vogue, The Huffington Post, Inc, US Weekly, Pop Sugar and countless other media outlets and launched successful collaborations with Disney & Star Wars.



  • It’s okay to say no if your business is not ready to take on big partnerships. 

  • It’s important to be ready to pursue those relationships, so your business lasts forever. 

  • How beneficial it is to build a community with your customers.


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