Make Yourself...Vulnerable Part II


This week, we welcome back Richie Norton, who conducts a one-on-one business coaching session with entrepreneur, Stephanie Hitchins—founder of Shop Blondee. Working full-time and struggling to find the proper systems to move forward, Stephanie will be sharing her roadblocks with Richie in hopes of taking her business to the next level. Get ready to listen to this amazing session and see how Richie open’s Stephanie’s mind to thinking outside of the box.

Ignore the competition, do what you want to do, and go for it!
— Stephanie Hitchins

About Stephanie

Stephanie Hitchins works for a company that helps turn six figure businesses into eight figures. She has so much experience in consulting and helping others grow, but she has found herself stuck in a pickle. While having the expertise to turn businesses around, she has found trouble managing her own. The thing is, these businesses already have their systems in place, and have done the grunt work from the beginning. Therefore, it’s been simple for her to consult to build from where they currently stand. Now, when it comes to implementing that grunt work and setting her own systems in place, she has had some trouble. In addition, her full-time gig takes up the majority of her time.

 A little tid-bit about Shop Blondee: Stephanie started her shop to promote kindness through her products and accessories. The main reason she started her business, was to help fund her fertility treatment (note - Stephanie mentioned that she is okay to share this part of her story). With that, she wanted her business to truly mean something to not only her, but to her customers as well. Her goal is to make women feel beautiful so they focus on others and continue to spread kindness. When women are feeling off or they are missing something from their daily look, it causes them to focus on that one thing. It takes up the majority of their energy and focus, leaving them to forget about others and not having the desire to spread good into the world.

 Having a great mission and goal, Stephanie is just looking for some guidance and what are her next steps and what areas she should focus on. She wants to find the best ways to network and really take her business to the next level it should be.



  • In this episode, you will have the opportunity to listen to a one-on-one business coaching interview.

  • How to think outside of the box and take your business to the next level. 

  • Opening your mind and taking an overall look of what you can do to think outside of the box.


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