The Brady Family

Life always brings unexpected blessings to our family.


Beauty and elegance is in all of us!


Jill balances her home life by taking on professional assignments that include financial consulting, business editing and copywriting, professional styling and the occasional public speaking gig – sharing her thoughts on life balance and personal confidence. A member of the Brady / Stidham family that founded social retailer LuLaRoe, Jill serves as a company spokesperson at their official events, and is recognized for her creative and unique styling of the company’s signature looks.

Her great loves include books, food, a good view and occasionally some good company. A passionate lifelong snowboarder, also enjoys solitude, traveling, nature and creative outlets. A design and architecture enthusiast, she is also currently putting the finishing touches on renovating their Southern California mid-century modern Eichler home.


we teach our kids all kinds of fun things. Snowboarding is our favorite winter sport. Can you tell…:)

Being a mother to my children is the best thing in my life as a person.

Our home is a place of peace and safety for our family.